Wellness Experience with Cindy Jourdain & Tamara Zweck


The ‘Science Behind Exercise’ isn’t just another ‘fitness training’ workshop.

Cindy Jourdain, a leading certified celebrity trainer has teamed up with Tamara Zweck, the Indian Premier League (IPL) Medical Director to create an interactive classroom to teach people about the right ‘moves’ to make while working out.


They used ‘Jigsaw’ the skeleton to demonstrate the effect of exercise on muscles and bones. Their most recent workshop focused on two movements- the squat and the deadlift. The pair explained the right techniques and common mistakes people make when doing these movements. To wrap it all up, the workshop participants put the theory to test during a 10-minute workout.

Cindy and Tamara are committed to helping people learn the right way to exercise whether it’s simply stretching or something more demanding. If this workshop is any evidence, they’re well on their way to helping people work out the right way.